Embutidos Solà

Since 1814, we can find references of "Can Sola" house that was known and recognized for an excellent sausages, today with over a century's tradition and as a first brand to obtain the geographical denomination of quality "Llonganissa de Vic" In Embutidos Solà we still respect the old recipes which came out of the unique environment of the Plain of Vic who provides exceptional conditions and gives our products their unmistakable smell and flavour, which have won them a reputation and prestige at both national and international levels.

The main competitiveness of Embutidos Solà is our team. His motivation and satisfaction is subject of constant attention of the company we care about their professional development and their safety, emphasizing individual responsibility, leadership and learning commitment. Our zeal is offering the best quality in our products and services to our customers.

Always, since our origins Embutidos Sola has applied some basic quality principles:
  • Strict control of origin of meats
  • Maximum hygiene level of personal and installations
Since 2007 we have our own microbiological laboratory registered in:
  • Public Health Department of the “Generalitat de Catalunya” No-R7 220-08 for microbiological analysis
  • Agricultural Laboratories of Catalunya for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Action of the Generalitat of Catalunya No. 221
  • Proficiency Testing INTER2000 program Intercomparisons (according protocol IUPAC, ISO and AOAC
One of the successes of our products is that we have our strain fungus that we care in our own laboratory. This strain carefully selected provides to our products an exclusives organoleptic qualities.

EMBUTIDOS SOLÀ is constantly growing and looking to the future. The confidence that day after day our clients show us, have led us to carry out an extensive project of improvements in our factory, which is located in Gurb. Nowadays our factory comprises an area of 3700 m2 which allows us a capacity for 2.8 million kg a year. With plans to extend up to 2400 m2 , with the latest technological methods and highly qualified staff, we are already making our commitment to the future a thing of the present.